Is it just ME??? WHAT IS GOING ON??? 😡😡

What are your thoughts? I really want to know - look forward to discussing solutions in the comment section below!

Spiritual Superstars! This enrages me!! As a parent...maybe I'm on a-whole-nother level but I just don't believe so. I believe this is a topic that leaves no one on the fence.

As Spiritual Beings we KNOW the monsters that roam the earth.

We also know many choose to stay asleep and ignore this type of blatant pedepilia saturated behavior and actual action!


What in the world does this say about the "collective UNconscious"???

I needed to just cry and scream after seeing this. I talked with God and just asked if I' doing all I can to impact change in this horrid area of this 4D experience.

It just pains me and I want to have the discussion to see if I am the only one feeling this RAW about it 😥

That and I just feel like.... Dammit.

Ya know?

Well, what do you think Dear Loves?

Love you to the moon :)

Necole XO