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This is the only Course Material you will need to order for this course.

Necole dedicated this book to her personal and Spiritual family of Spiritual Superstars because after years of coaching, she was able to create a book beautiful people just like you could use for their Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Necole believe's that because over 4 Million people just like you have already viewed her Spiritual Guidance Video's, it helped spread the light of the Divine for everyone to weigh in on the Awakening Experience. She used her 41 years of Spiritual Expertise, high caliber research, survey's, and real life testimony from everyone on her platform, and professional career, to create something people would find invaluable.

The Products? This Amazing Masterclass And An AMAZON 5 STAR interactive guide book. We encourage you order the soft copy to actively use during your Spiritual Awakening. You will have profound experiences in your Awakening Journey and having this book handy will help you a great deal.

This book is equipped with questions that we ask you to engage. These are the same questions we use in our Private Coaching Sessions.

So, you actually have Necole in Spirit right along with you as you dive deeper into the unfoldment and Ascension process.

Not only that - but you have our Spiritual Superstar Community to support and help you as well!

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We have several different Spiritual Experts that are waiting to guide you along your Awakening Process.

Whether it be Twinflame, Soulmate, Enlightenment, Life Mission, or something else - we are here for you to succeed!

Get ready to Manifest Your Desired Outcome!

World-renowned spiritual guidance expert, new-age thought leader Necole Livingston brings to light the secret spiritual code of life that every human being has at their disposal and the ability to master every single spiritual awakening one will ever have.

From the moment one realizes she is experiencing a world colored with such ethereal vibrancy, her existence then transforms her human into a state of panic and confusion. While standing within a timeless paradigm, the shift that is occurring is felt by every single pixel of her entire being.

Time stands still, yet the world keeps moving. As the veil is lifted, she is exposed to her life from the outside in and the inside out at the same exact moment of timelessness as she is still within her now.

It is that very moment that same human will become aware that they are indeed a soul within a body and the life they have been living is getting ready to transform with overwhelming significance, yet unsettling and surreal calm.

This book allows the reader their own private passage directly into their own paradoxical journey to actively engage and willingly participate in this thing that is happening to them called spiritual awakening.

The best-selling enlightenment author skillfully helps the reader cultivate their own strategic approach to their awakening by applying the step-by-step, proven methods carefully outlined in this creative, interactive, priceless spiritual toolbox.

With each invaluable moment, the reader experiences breakthroughs while controlling their own magnificent transformation, mind, body, spirit. The game changer to their own destiny has begun.

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