Preliminary Exercise (Recording Your Wins)

Why This Exercise?

Many people give their wins away. We need our wins to train our human into not only winning again, but winning BIG!

Graduation hats, diplomas, awards, trophy's, recognition; how many have you let parents or even your work team keep?

Those accomplishments you earned from your blood sweat and tears don't belong to anyone else - they are YOURS!

They mean something to YOU! Other people can't appreciate them because they did not put in the effort to earn it.

What about the times you NEVER even celebrated that win? Not even a blink of an eye.

That's because you didn't see your accomplishment as a goal let alone the actions as something rare - but it was and you are!

That goal was everything! It still should be recognized as such!

This is where we begin our purpose driven life.


Without prior victories, your human will experience a tremendous dose of fear and trepidation just because she or he does't realize it isn't as big of a deal as being made out to be.

You have received MANY WINS in the past - this time?

No difference!

This exercise will teach you the fundamentals in the mindset needed to go into business, stay in business, and thrive in business as the successful business owner you are!

See you in our next lesson where we will apply the action you took today!

You're gonna be amazed!

So get excited!!!

Your purpose driven life has begun!!

Love & blessings,

Necole XO

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