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When Our Students WIN!!! We ALL WIN!!

This program will teach you the exact step by steps to your thriving success!

From "Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet" to "Profiting From Your Passion"!

We Want YOU To Succeed In Your Soul Purpose Business!

I made $13,260 in less than 1 month using the first proven system I ever made! Shared it with my private coaching clients - BOOM!

We ALL just kept recycling these same exact steps I'm teaching in this program!

⤴︎And WE ALL got RESULTS! ⤴︎AMAZING RESULTS!!! ⤴︎(Did you SEE YellowDoorTarot 5 out of 5⤴︎ STAR REVIEWS??)
I started teaching my students at Spiritual Guidance Academy and VOILA! - here's one testimonial:

Who This Program Is For:

✔︎Anyone willing to do the work it takes to succeed for generations to come by building a solid foundation first.

✔︎Anyone filled with integrity and a passion for helping other's by using their Spiritual Gifts.

✔︎Anyone seeking to scale their purpose driven business to create impactful results.

✔︎Anyone open to a proven system to get proven results.

✔︎Anyone ready to begin their Soul Purpose Business, Scale their current business, or turn their hobby and passion into Profit by being a gift to other's.

⤷Learn how to position yourself as the expert

⤷Learn how to price yourself as the expert who gets paid premium prices

⤷Learn the step by step daily task list that gets you the results you seek

⤷Use proven formulas, and templates to plug your information in to get proven results

⤷Learn how to make money work for you regardless of your circumstances or lifestyle

⤷Learn how to work with amazing clients and customers who seek you out again and again!

And More!

✓ PLUS Signature Successful Soulpreneur Mastermind Program – (Value $297)

✓ PLUS Signature Soul Biz Money Mindset Training – (Value $199)

➣ 1 Client RAISED HER RATES from the formula I used to raise my own by rates ⬆︎144%!

➣ Another Client Started Her OWN Soul Purpose Business AND QUIT her job as a stylist using my proven system that helped me WORK LESS (⬇︎19% actually)!
➣ Another Client Produced his Signature line of Essential Oils - LAUNCHED! - AND Sold Out Within HOURS!!
➣WE ALL (and there's many of us) make money DOING WHAT WE 😍LOVE! SUCCESSFULLY!

(I walk you through each step by step in detail)!
⇒⇒⇒EFFECTIVE small changes to what you're ALREADY Doing!
So, no more Wasted Time! Let's Get You🤑PAID🤑!

See ya on the inside!

Love & Blessings!

Necole XO

Who this program is⛔️NOT⛔️for:

  • ⤷Anyone not open to change - if you do the same thing you will get the same results.
  • ⤷Anyone with a closed mindset - if you are not open to change you will not grow, and no amount of energy or effort gifted to you from anyone else will help you.
  • ⤷Anyone blaming others - if you are not ready to hold yourself accountable for your own adult decisions, I cannot help you. Change comes from within first.
  • ⤷Anyone seeking a get rich quick or employee MLM or pyramid scheme - if you are ready to become profitably🏆successful🏆by taking initiative & living life on your terms by helping other people...Welcome!
BTW, we get it...we ARE lightworkers :) but we are business owners supporting families, volunteering at our kids schools, and caregivers for our aging parents, and special needs children.

We want to be debt FREE and avoid the struggle of our parents, and people we see every day in pain from living paycheck to paycheck.

We are tired of being undervalued, unappreciated, and EXHAUSTED from helping people while absorbing their energy, AND living the 9 - 5 double life!

We WANT to live life on our own terms and truly LIVE FREELY. We NEED AND WANT to secure a future that actually is bright AND stable so our future IS secure because they ARE our legacy.

One of the most beautiful aspects of ALL Spiritual Guidance Academy PROGRAM'S is this: Necole actually teaches her students how to help everyone, whether they can afford our paid services or not, while we can afford the lifestyle we are finally happy with :) we love it here :)

(RJ and SGA team)

Signature Successful Soulpreneur Mastermind Program – (Value $297)

Receive Daily step by step instructions of our Proven System
Daily check points with reminders of each specific task with exact duration proven to earn the type of money you set out to achieve
Templates, systems, and formulas that GUARANTEE:
High Paying Clients
High Post Engagement
High Profit Conversions

Signature Soul Biz Money Mindset Training – (Value $199)

Learn how to change your Money Blueprint by changing your Entire Mindset Surrounding Finances, Business, AND Personal Value!
Reprogram your brain AND Memory Recall to quickly block sabotaging behavior, concepts, and thought processes FOR GOOD!
NLP - Neurolinguistic programming
PQ – Positive Intelligence
DAILY Money Mindset Affirmations, Mantras, PLUS Meditations specifically created and designed with our 4 step cognitive restructuring process

MASTERMIND BONUS - (Value: $2,997)

Lasting Group & Technical Support PLUS Lifetime Access To Our Program!
Downloadable 100% digital content accessible from any device!
Automatic access to any future upgrades, templates, or forms!
Automatic access to Marketing BEST Practice AND Proven Content Creators For Maximum Impact!
SECRET LIST of TOP Converting Marketing Ad Headlines and Titles
Facebook & Instagram Ad Marketing Strategies both ORGANICALLY and PAID!

Your Instructor

Necole Livingston
Necole Livingston

Internationally Renowned #1 Spiritual Guidance Expert, Best Selling 5 STAR Author, Necole has over 41 years of serving as a 6th Generational Spiritual Guide. Reaching over 4 Million Spiritual Seekers and Practitioners on her global platform, Necole is the Elite Spiritual Coach and Advisor to Top Coaches and Novice Newly Awakening Souls as well.

Inimitable Wisdom and Profound Teachings, Necole's Core Belief Is Potent and Powerfully Interweaved inside of everything she births into existence:

"You Are A Dual Being...You Are The Soul Within Your Human"

Necole is the CEO and Founder of Spiritual Guidance Academy, Necole XO, LLC and YouTube Creator of Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO. Necole ranked #4 of the Top 60 Spiritual Channels out of thousands of YouTube Channels, surpassing Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra!

Necole is an amazing host to anyone's Spiritual development and deeper understanding as she guides the Awakening process with her proven system acclaimed by many!

Necole is known for her events selling out quickly as she is highly sought out for her profound teachings and proven techniques.

Another Successful Student!

Learned The Exact Same Steps In Our Profit From Passion Program!

Course Curriculum

  Day 1
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  Day 2
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  Day 4
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  Day 5
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  Day 6
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  BONUS! How To Service EVERYONE! Including Turning The Freeloaders Into PAYING Clients! 3C's
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  BONUS! Got Email? You Got Money!!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! One thing Necole is extreme about is her integrity. Honesty is everything to her because she wants to give her students and clients 100% value for their investment. Necole gives 100% of herself and trusts each enrolled student will invest their time and do the work outlined, to get the results shown and proven from prior students, and Necole herself. If you are not willing to invest in your best self, and do the work, this program is not for you and we wish you the very best in your professional journey. Because this program is 100% digital and downloadable, you have immediate access to all of the material (video training, templates, resources, formulas), so we do not offer refunds.

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