"Tingling All Over My Body!"

THANK YOU for this video! I have not come across another like it on YouTube. :) I experience this tingling everyday for the past two and a half years of my life. And even before that periodically. I knew that it had to do with my connection to someone on the "other side" so to speak, but over time as I came across different opinions on it, I began to doubt. Even when I'm not feeling positive or elevated in any way, it's still there. It's really helped me keep in contact with spirit even when I'm going through low phases. But I'll doubt no more. Thank you once again :D


"Vibrations Like Electric Shock!"

Last night, during prayers, I felt these vibrations like electric shock. I was sweating, my head was fully electrified. My fingers were shaking. But I noticed after this, I'll feel tired.

-Charls Hub


Omg I been feeling this tingling many years now and seeing the world at a different level and it is weird, so I searched this and found this. Thank you very much!! God blessed!

-Chinh Le

"Mere Mention Of Jesus Christ!"

I have been getting waves of tingling throughout my body. I actually like it. It's a warm sensation. In the beginning of my awakening it frightened me but now I welcome it.

-Tashae Love

The mere mention of Jesus Christ, and when I pray I feel an overwhelming sensation of WARM ENERGY thru my entire body! Wonderful presentation, thank you!

--Sizwe Ndlanzi

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